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Jam Time’s mission is to bring together drummers, guitar players, bass players and singers to play music together. The idea for Jam Time was born out of a need from all types of players from all types of backgrounds who want to do more than just play at home quietly. So much time and effort goes into learning an instrument. We want to provide an outlet for your hard work and dedication. We want to make sure your passion stays a passion. If you have lost your passion, we want to bring it back!

Turn up. play. have a great time.

Jam Time is aimed at musicians who can learn songs independently. We don’t provide lessons (yet!). The idea is to just turn up, play and have a great time. We have a core playlist so you can turn up to any Jam Time session and know there are songs you can play. These songs will be added to over time with requests from members, but the core playlist means you can learn songs before a session and be confident. We aren’t expecting perfection. We aren’t expecting everyone to be a rock god. We play because we enjoy it!

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Who is it for

Musicians who don’t have the opportunity to play live and loud with others.

What to Expect

Bring your instrument and enjoy!

What we do

Weekly jam sessions with likeminded musicians. Turn up. Plug in. Play

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