What is Jam Time?

Jam Time hosts weekly jam sessions for members.
Our mission is to offer quality.

Quality equipment. Quality sound. Quality playing.


Who is Jam Time for?

Jam Time is for guitar players, drummers, bass players and singers who want to play live and loud with no-pressure. We just play for the love of it.

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What to expect

The idea of each session is to turn up, plug in and play. If you are a drummer, there will be a drum kit ready to go. If you play guitar, bring your guitar. If you are a singer just bring a drink! Check out the equipment we use here.

We have a standard song list so we aren’t standing around wondering what to play. The playlist is a mix of styles and genres to keep things interesting. They vary from easy but enjoyable to tracks with more challenging sections. But, feel free to suggest any songs you would like to have a go at.

The most important part of our jam sessions is to leave your ego at the door! We all have varying abilities, strengths and weaknesses. A mind melting virtuoso solo will be appreciated just as much as a well played melodic one. Remember, we play for the love of playing. If you make a mistake, who cares!

To keep to our mission of quality playing, member numbers are limited for each session. We want everyone to have plenty of playing time.


Equipment we use

All of the equipment we use for our jam sessions has been chosen to give the best experience and great sound. Keep an eye on our social media for our reviews and thoughts on everything we use.